Special Events / News

Carol Service – Sunday 23rd December – St Mary’s at 6.30pm

Tradtitional carol service in our beautiful candle lit church with readings and carols and St Mary’s choir.  Followed by mulled wine and mince pies.

Crib Service Monday 24th December 5.30pm at St Mary’s Church

Wonderful crib service for  families  on Christmas Eve – singing carols and celebrating the wonders of Christmas.  Mary and Joseph and the baby will be with us and children can dress up  as shepherds or kings to be part of the Christmas story.   Wilfred the donkey will be with us too.

Christmas Eve – Midnight Mass 11.30pm

Christmas Day Family Communion with carols 11.00am

A Passion for Modernity: The Victorian Restoration of St Mary’s.

An article by Martin Jones, key speaker at our forthcoming History Afternoon in the Church


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Allen Ivy ‘Ruth’
Allen Cyril
Ann Salvin Presentation
Anthony St Leger
Apps Family
Apps Nell
Apps Peter Edward
Apps Winifred
Austin Ken and Ada
Baker Edward
Bannerman Jane
Bannerman David
Bateman James
Beaty Betty
Beaty David
Beaumont Lady Violet
Beere Bonny
Berryman Patrick
Betts Joseph and Minnie
Blackman MBE Rosemary
Blackman William
Blagden The Reverend Bragg
Bond Bill
Bowditch Ivy
Bowley Alice
Bowley Charles
Bowley Joe
Bowley Rose Linda May
Brook Betty
Brown Peter
Bryant Kate
Burn Winnie
Burn Maurice
Butler Irene Noel
Cameron Commander
Carver Wyn
Carver Bill nad Jim
Chamberlain Ethel
Chamberlain Son
Charman Family
Chewter Eileen
Chilton Elizabeth
Chilton Lady Margaret
Clarke John
Clarke Hedley James
Clarke Hedley
Copman May
Cossar Jillian
Cossar Rev John
Cossar Mary
Crewdson Brigadier T
Dale Doris
Dale Ken
Darlington Joan
Davey Mick
Davies Geoffrey
Dean Family
Dean Family
Dean Jimmy
Dines Ethel Mary
Doris Dale
Duggan Rees Walter James
Durbin Julia
Dutton Nicholas
Dymock Horace
Edwards Cliff
Emmett John
Foreshew Violet
Foreshews Family
Forge Geoffrey
Fuente Sarah
Gawen Lawrence
Gaydon Prof G
Grant Hubert
Grant Rita
Gray Rev Harold Rev Reg Reginald St
Green MC Harry
Green Barbara
Gregory George
Hammill Cynthia
Harding Percy
Harris Peter
Hart E Dudley
Harwood Phyll
Haselgrove Francena May
Hazelgrove Richard Newell
Herrington Dorothy
Herrington John
Hiilsdon Russell
Hills Nancy
Hilton Alfred
Hook Eileen
Hornsby Alfred
Houghton Stanley Adams
Houghton Janet
Houghtons Elsa and Stanley
Houghtons Elsa
Howard Alan
Howard Kathleen
Hughes Hallett
Hyde Sally
Izard Mary
Izard Joy
Jones Audrey
Jones Humphrey
Keeling Bernard
Keeling Helen Rae
Kingsley John Albert
Kirkby Col Kevin
Lady Pritchard
Landreth The Rev Canon Derek
Langton Stephen
Leslie Florence
Lidbetter George
Lockhart Elva
Long Edward
Love Betty
Lutman Florence
Lutman Henry
Lygo Admiral Sir Raymond
Lyon Virginia
Marriott Dorothy
Marshall Sir Michael
Martin Harold
Martin Jean
Mathews Elizabeth
Mathews Thomas
McCauley Duncan
McCorquodale Hugh
McKenzie Louisa (Dean)
Miles Family
Mills Ernest James Herbert
Mills Mrs Edith Kate
Mitchell Derek George
Mosey Vera Margaret
Murphy Rear Ad Tony
Muspratt Alicia
Newburgh Countess of
Newland Richard
Newman Joan
Newton Miss Eileen
North Margaret
Obits in Ther PM
Parkhouse Arthur
Pascall Anita
Pascall Richard James
Patten Margaret
Pearse Graves etc
Perks Elspeth Muriel
Perks Jack
Perriton Mary
Poland Ann
Porter Dorothy Mrs C
Poynder Ann
Poynder Col Tony
Pritchard Sir Fred
Pritchard Lady Celia
Ransom Family
Rawnsley Jimmy One of the few
Rees Mrs Ivy
Rees Brian
Rhymes Canon Douglas
Roberts Albert
Rogers Sidney
Russell Ann
Russell Arthur
Sadler Reginald
Salvin Ann
Sandalls Ed
Saunders Bunty
Scott- Edeson Joyce
Seal Austen
Sercombe Philip
Servaes Marian Frances Nansell
Sharp Freda
Shoosmith Majorie
Slindon War Memorial
Smith Fred
Smith Peter Guy
Smith Bill
Smith Tom
Spofforth Michael
Staley Sylvia
Stephen John
Street John
Summers Muriel
Taylor Jock
Taylor John
The David Beatty Memorial Window
The Izard Family
Thearle Hazel and John
Thornley Sir Colin and Lady
Thornton Deborah
Toogood family
Toogood Window & SCT
Tyrrill Family
Upton Barbara Mary
Upton Ralph
Wallis Rhoda
Ward Ronald
Ward Sylvia
War Memorial
Waters The Rev Nick
Watkins Hazell Edith
Welsely Russell Arthur
West Gertrude Iris
William Smart
Willmer Family
Willmer Robert Blair
Willmer Thomas William
Winn Chris
Wyatt Paul
Wyatt Ruth
Yuille Heather[/fusion_text]